West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing



This post will be write in english, sorry if it´s too horrible, but I´ll try really hard to express  correctly. 😉

Friends of mine, real good dancers, told me about this dance. It´s a partner dance, very very beautifull and sexy also.

Here, in Spain , there´s no much people who practice it, so I´ve just can enjoy it by Youtube, I hope soon someone say me , Hey!, let´s  take class of West Coast Swing in….., I´ll be happy!!

The roots of West Coast Swing are in Lindy Hop, and the dificult it´s , in my opinion, in the connection with your partner, ´cause I´ve seen contests where u don´t know which is going to be your partner, there´s no coreography, just dance, feel and dance. The base technique, the steps are figures of line salsa, so if u dance salsa u can start practicing.

I´m going to look for more information.

Now enjoy the video.

West Coast Swing


5 pensamientos en “West Coast Swing

  1. Great post, Bea! I also hope somebody can help us to learn west coast swing. As you say, until date there are no swing dancers in Spain. From my point of view, this is exasperating, specialy if we have into account the high number of LA salsa dancers which there are in our country. I think that, perhaps, west coast swing will hit strongly the dance background of Spain (and, in general, of whole Europe) in the next decade, not only because its beauty, but also for the capability of this dance to accommodate any type of song with quaternary rithm. Actually i pray for it 😉



    • Hola. We are Mike and Inge from Canada. We have been teaching WCS (and other nightclub styles) for 17 years. We will be visiting Madrid from Aug. 28 to Sept. 1, 2013, staying near the Prado. Are there places (clubs, studios, bars, etc) in that area where we could go dancing some evening? Maybe we can also help you with WCS. Please send me an email at: info at (my name) and (her name) dot com Gracias Mike

  2. Great post, Beatriz…

    Yes… west coast swing is the most amazing dance I’ve ever seen… don’t you agree? 🙂

    We are trying to promote WCS in Valencia and in Madrid. Here you can find lots of information: http://www.wcsvalencia.com

    There are also groups in Facebook:

    You can see Valencia has more activity. I believe that Madrid group will activate in the next weeks: I expect that some workshops will be held in Madrid in the next few months…

    If you want to be up to date, please join the groups! 😉



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